Hold on to that new car feeling with help from ZT's Auto & Truck Accessories

No matter how you use your truck, there's a truck bed cover that's right for you. Our latest designs and engineering have made truck bed covers easier than ever to use and more durable than ever. We offer a variety of brand names online and in the shop. They are made mostly of aluminum so they can withstand all the seasons in Indiana.

Some Benefits of our truck bed covers are:

  • They secure your storage/luggage
  • Keep items safe from weather/damage
  • Pending on the brand, they can last a long time


Don't purchase something cheap online that will eventually cost you more in the long run. Multiple customers have come to us after purchasing parts that ended up not working or lasting. Save yourself additional trips and time by letting your local professionals install your truck bed covers.

Stop in to ZT Auto & Trucks so we can help you pick out all your car accessories. We are affordable and truly care about our clients' experience. We are your local car parts dealer in the Evansville, IN area

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